Shah Rukh Khan’s Jawan raises the bar with high-octane dance track Zinda Banda

The highly anticipated film ‘Jawan’ has reached a new pinnacle of excitement with the release of its first song, ‘Zinda Banda’. This high-octane dance track is set to energize audiences worldwide with its infectious beats and rhythm.

Composed by the talented Anirudh and choreographed by the dynamic Shobi, ‘Zinda Banda’ is a celebratory anthem that encapsulates the spirit of grandeur and festivity. The song is a testament to the film’s commitment to delivering a sensational audiovisual experience.

At the heart of this electrifying track is the charismatic Shah Rukh Khan. Known for his unmatched energy and captivating dance moves, Khan brings ‘Zinda Banda’ to life with his signature style and charm. His performance is a visual spectacle that encapsulates the spirit of the film and its characters.

Anirudh, the mastermind behind the track’s infectious beats, has expressed his excitement about this milestone. This marks the first track he has composed for ‘Jawan’, which is set to release worldwide on September 7, 2023, in Hindi, Tamil, and Telugu languages. His composition, coupled with Shobi’s dynamic choreography, promises to deliver a dance number that will be etched in the minds of audiences for years to come.

‘Zinda Banda’ is now available on all major music platforms, allowing fans worldwide to immerse themselves in its infectious rhythm and celebrate the anticipation leading up to the film’s release. This track is not just a song; it’s an invitation to join in the celebration of ‘Jawan’ and the return of Shah Rukh Khan to the big screen in a way like never before.

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